Fillings & Crowns

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Your smile is important to us. Dr. Danic in Ottawa offers restorative dental services such as fillings for cavities, and restorative crowns to provide smiles with extra support.

Fillings & Your Smile

When are fillings used?

You may need a filling if you have a cavity, also known as decay, in your teeth. Decay causes a hole in your tooth's surface which can lead to greater oral health problems.

Teeth can also require fillings if they are cracked or broken, or are worn down from things like teeth grinding.

You may also need to replace old fillings if they fall out or are cracked.

What types of materials can be used for fillings?

At Bearbrook Dental Centre, we offer composite fillings that are made from resin. These fillings are coloured similarly to your teeth to blend in with your smile.

How do I know if I need a filling?

There are different ways a dentist can tell if you have cavities:

  • Through sensitivity
  • Through discolouration
  • Through digital x-rays

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Restorative Crowns

A dental crown is used as a restorative device for teeth. The crown "caps" a tooth to provide it with strength if a tooth is broken. Crowns are cemented onto your existing teeth or implants and can only be removed by a dentist.

What is the procedure like for crowns?

Your dentist will asses your smile and depending on your situation, will create a personalized treatment plan. If you and your dentist agree to move forward with the crown procedure, you will be then fitted for the device. Your dentist will take impressions of your smile, and send them to a dental lab to create the prosthetic.

From there, you can return to the dentist for another appointment to have your crown placed into your mouth.

Fillings & Crowns, Ottawa Dentist

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